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Who We Are

GRUPO 10 LATINOAMERICA is a like minded association of advisers offering a wide range of professional disciplines who share a common vision of delivering seamless and responsive service to local and international clients.

GRUPO 10 LATINOAMERICA is a multi disciplinary and multinational association of autonomous and independently owned firms that share the spirit to provide high quality services for their clients as well as a global correspondent framework for the members.

GRUPO 10 LATINOAMERICA it is constituted by firms whose members have been working together for more than a decade.

GRUPO 10 LATINOAMERICA is the answer to the new regulations affecting each country in respect of taxation and international trade, highlighted by the treaties to avoid double taxation y and the regulations of each country related with transfer pricing affecting the trade of goods and services.

GRUPO 10 LATINOAMERICA typical clients are small and mid-market, entrepreneurial-driven businesses. Small and family business companies contact our members because they want to grow; the medium sized and large ones because they are eager for personal advice.

We can also render services in Bolivia and Venezuela through our correspondents in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Caracas.


What makes GRUPO 10 LATINOAMERICA different from the other professional associations?

Over the past ten years we have built up a substantial association of professional contacts. Wherever these contacts are located we have sought people who share the commitment with the best professional standards and services to clients.

Our experience in developing regional links helps us to advise adventurous clients, providing a unique combination of global resources and the benefit of person-to-person responsiveness to navigate them through the complexities of doing business in the international arena.

This combination of service, expertise and value is what the firms composing GRUPO 10 LATINOAMERICA makes us different from the others.

  Correspondent firms in major cities in the world
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